Seafood Platter, Kailis Fish Market Cafe, Fremantle 


There are infinite ways to experience seafood in Western Australia

Seafood is Western Australia’s most delicious and nutritious naturally occurring food source. From hot coals to a barbeque, or beachside fish and chips to fine-dining, seafood has been intrinsically linked with culture in Australian communities for thousands of years.

Naturally, the quality of our incredible produce could only be kept a secret for so long. WA seafood is sought-after world-wide for its incredible quality, coming from the world’s cleanest and best managed waters.

So flavoursome, seafood in Western Australia takes only minimal preparation for maximum enjoyment, especially with family and friends. Discover an abundance of seafood markets, dining experiences and recipes to make the most of this incredible and healthy natural food source.

Health Benefits of Seafood

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