Perth & Rottnest

The Shorehouse, Swanbourne Beach, Courtesy of Tourism WA


Discover Perth and Rottnest

Blessed as the world’s most isolated capital city, Perth has stunning beaches and national parks, small bars, fresh fish and locally grown food, awesome festivals and rocking live music scene. Across the turquoise waters lies the car-free isle of Rottnest, an island that has been winning the hearts of visitors for more than a century. From historical monuments, inland salt lakes and secret fishing spots, to mysterious diving wrecks and coral playgrounds, this is a place to chill, suck in the clean air and enjoy the serenity.

The city of Perth offers an array of seafood experiences. From five-star restaurants to laid back cafes, you will always find somewhere to enjoy fresh seafood. Meet the local fish mongers in shopping centres or at many of the weekend markets, and cook yourself up a feast at home. On Rottnest you can watch your seafood lunch pulled out of the water on one of the island’s seafood cruises or simply enjoy a plate of perfectly cooked fish with a glass of wine at the pub.

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