Spoil Bank, Port Hedland, Courtesy Tourism WA


Discover the Pilbara

Stretching over 400,000 sqkm, the Pilbara’s remote and rugged landscapes feature island peninsulas, jurrasic wildernesses, and modern industrial sites. Known as ‘the Engine Room of Australia’, the Pilbara is home to massive mining operations for crude oil, salt, natural gas, and iron ore. Hike into the earth at Karijini National Park or take a boat over untouched coral gardens and snorkel with turtles, dolphins, and whales.

The Pilbara is a hotspot for barramundi, blue bone, trevally, whiting, crabs, and squid. From fishing off the rocks for mangrove jack to dropping pots for blue swimmer crabs, the region offers a seafood experience for everyone. Treat yourself at one of the local fish and chip shops or relax by the water with a plate of seafood at a beachside restaurant.

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