A favourite at many fish and chip shops.

There are a large number of shark species sold through fish retailers and they are a favourite at many fish and chip shops. The firm flesh, mild flavour and lack of fishy taste ensures they are popular with many diners. There are endless ways to prepare shark, but among the most popular is pan-seared, deep fried or grilled. Always buy your shark from a reputable local supplier.

Don Hancey’s Cooking Tip
Beer battered shark fillets lightly fried in West Australian canola oil are simply delicious. Google a craft beer batter recipe or you can simply substitute soda water instead of beer. All kids love a tasty taco with a fried shark fillet and a lemony guacamole filling.

Australia’s love of fish and chips has been a part of our culture for decades. If you’re wanting to taste the succulent meat of Western Australia’s sustainably fished shark, then head to Pinjarra Fish and Chips who were awarded The People’s Choice Fish and Chips Award in 2019.

The Temperate Demersal Gillnet and Demersal Longline Fishery (TDGDLF) is a joint fishery in both the southern and west coast. Along the south coast, fisheries target gummy and dusky sharks, while sandbar sharks are targeted on the west coast. Whiskery sharks are caught in fisheries of both areas.