A dining delight of inland waterways, lakes and dams of the South West

The inland waterways, lakes and dams of the South West are home to the ever-popular trout. While Rainbow trout are more commonly available, the elusive Browns are also found in southern waterways across the southern regions of the State. These lovely fish are famous as a wily sports fish, but are equally appreciated as a dining delight. Recreational fishers will need to get an inland fishing licence to try their hand at catching one of these beauties.

Don Hancey’s Cooking Tip
Flaked smoked trout served on a blini with a touch of creme fraiche and dill garnish is a classic dish that never fades in popularity. Whilst you can smoke your own whole trout (which is not difficult), there are some great farmed smoked trout on the market. Another classic method is to cook a whole trout or fillets panfried and then serve with a generous amount of toasted slivered almonds with a good dash of butter, chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice. Serve the trout on top of lightly steamed green beans and baby potatoes seasoned with salt and then spoon almond butter over the top.

Every year trout are released into the rivers and dams of south-west Australia, where recreational fishers can have a go at catching them.

Rainbow trout are bred in Pemberton Freshwater Research Centre’s (PFRC) purpose built hatchery before being released annually into south-west Australia’s freshwater sources.