Southern Forests

Grilled Marron at Leeuwin Estate, Courtesy Tourism WA


Discover the Southern Forests

The Southern Forests region is characterized by old-growth woodlands and quaint country towns. A staggering 80 percent of the Manjimup region is forest and national parks. The tall straight trees, some 300 years old, are majestic, and emit an energy you can’t deny. With an array of activities, from bush-walking and mountain biking to fishing in the river, getting away from it all and into nature is the region’s real attraction.

The Southern Forests are known for their marron species, occurring naturally in the region’s streams and rivers. Marron farms are found throughout the region and the farms often also grow rainbow trout in the dams that supply the marron ponds. Many of the farms are open for tours and you can also visit one of the region’s wineries to taste the marron cooked to perfection.

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