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Western Australia is home to a rich diversity of seafood varieties

Western Australia is blessed with an abundance of seafood varieties found along more than 10,000km of coastline winding alongside the Indian and Southern Oceans.

This diverse and expansive coastline is home to a huge variety of species from the world-famous Barramundi and highly prized Pinctada Maxima oysters found in the warm northern waters across the tropics, to abalone and oysters which flourish in the cooler waters of the Southern Ocean.

Further offshore, rare delicacies such as the Patagonian Toothfish can be found in the freezing waters towards Antarctica.

Inland, the rivers and lakes of the south support an abundance of freshwater marron and wily brown and rainbow trout that provide great sports fishing experiences as well as a tasty meal.

Many of our most delicious varieties, such as Dhufish, Marron and the Western Rock Lobster are endemic, meaning they are only available in Western Australia, and are much sought-after by visiting chefs and seafood lovers from around the globe.