A true delicacy with a tender, delicate and tasty flesh

Western Australian scallops are a true delicacy with a tender, delicate and tasty flesh. Grown in clear, pristine coastal waters, WA’s scallops have an international reputation for flavour and quality and are highly sought around the world.

Don Hancey’s Cooking Tip
Western Australia’s clean waters of Shark Bay, Abrolhos, Rottnest Island and the colder waters of the Great Southern, supply the perfect growing ground for plump sweet scallops. My personal favourite preparation method is to quickly sear the scallops on both sides (no more than 30 or 40 seconds on each side depending on thickness). Warm, seared scallops served on top of an already grilled slice of chorizo is heaven. Scallops to me, like abalone, do not require seasoning –  they are simply abound with ocean flavours. Scallops served with a dollop of fine cauliflower puree creates the perfect combination.

One Sea is a Western Australian fishing company operating off Rottnest Island that harvests Rottnest Islands scallops and Geographe scallops. Fresh Rottnest Island scallops are regularly on the menu of Western Australia’s best seafood restaurants including Neil Perry’s Rockpool at Crown.

The Shark Bay Scallop Managed Fishery (SBSMF) is Western Australia’s most productive scallop fishery. The Abrolhos Islands and Mid West Trawl Fishery catch the saucer scallop in Fremantle and north of Geographe Bay.


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