Tasty Sand Crabs


These delicious crabs are starting to make a name for themselves 

These delicious crabs have been flying under the radar for many years and are just starting to make a name for themselves in restaurants and food service outlets. Looking a lot like a blue swimmer, the sand crab is very meaty and has a taste which many find sweeter than other crab species. They are very well priced and highly rated by those in the know.

Don Hancey’s Cooking Tip
These relatively lesser known species of crab are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Mainly caught in the pristine cold waters of the Great Southern, these ocean gems are chock full of deliciously sweet meat. Once the carapice shell is removed and the head cleaned a little, they can be steamed whole. Some of my favourite ways to stir-fry sand crabs is to break them into quarters. Eight minute crabs, served with peppered vinegar and crusty warm bread or fried whole lemon myrtle crab served with desert lime mayo on a banana leaf is very tasty. Another option is to make Thai yellow crab curry with chilli and coriander and served with steamed rice.

Sand crabs are found in the Southern waters of Western Australia, most notably in Albany and Geographe Bay. Geographe Bay is home to a small, viable commercial sand crab fishery that is most productive during the winter months with the majority of the catch taken within 200 metres of the shore.