Loaded with flavour, fragrance and essential fatty acids

These salty little beauties are loaded with flavour and fragrance and are a good source of essential fatty acids. Try them pan-fried, steamed or straight out of the jar. Anchovies are great as a dip or garnish and can really spice up a salad.

Don Hancey’s Cooking Tip
While not everyone’s cup of tea, I love the intense flavour of these little gems of the sea. Adding immense flavour to certain dishes, it is important to balance out the saltiness and pungency of marinated anchovies so they don’t overtake other flavours. A small portion of anchovies blitzed up and added to a Caesar salad dressing can transform a good dressing into something truly stunning. A dressing of finely chopped anchovies, softened unsalted butter, lemon juice and parsley tossed through crunchy steamed green beans or baby potatoes is heaven.

In many West Australian restaurants, anchovies are often served the Mediterranean way – in a tin with an accompanying loaf of bread. Tins and jars of anchovies preserved in oil, salt and lemon are sold in local seafood retailers, supermarkets and fishmongers.

Australian anchovies live in temperate waters around the southern Western Australian coast reaching Shark Bay in the north. Anchovies account for a relatively small percentage of Western Australia’s commercial fishing haul, with fisheries located in the west coast and south coast bioregions.