There are infinite ways to experience seafood in Western Australia

Western Australia has a rich history of communities working with the ocean, catching and enjoying delicious seafood. There are lots of experiences to choose from: from mud-crabbing and spearfishing with Aboriginal guides in the Kimberley, ocean-to-plate and catch-and-eat tours to mouth-watering fish and chips, BBQ crayfish and seafood fine dining.

For the adventurous, recreational fishing is now the most popular sport in Australia and there is an increasing number of hotel restaurants in regional WA prepared to cook what you catch. Some fisheries and species require a licence, so check online first to ensure you know the fishing rules.

Mud-crabbing and spearfishing tours with Aboriginals guides are mostly found in the Kimberley. It’s an incredible experience that is only available to a small number of visitors and is highly recommended. Seafood markets and ocean-to-plate experiences, where you have the opportunity to enjoy the catch of the day with the fishers themselves, are growing in popularity and offer an experience like no other.

Food festivals and food and wine events run year-round in Perth and WA’s regional centres offering the chance to enjoy a variety of produce in one place. Whatever you choose, take advantage of living in one of the greatest seafood producing destinations in the world.


Ocean to Plate

Seafood Experiences in Western Australia