Recreational Fishing


Discover Western Australia’s awesome recreational fishing scene

Recreational fishing is the most popular sport in Australia and there is an increasing number of hotel restaurants in regional WA prepared to cook what you catch.

Recreational fishers have an important responsibility in protecting the environment. The onus is on the individual to understand the strict rules around the seasons, marine parks and fishing zones, allowable species, size and catch limits and even how fish must be prepared and transported. For example, the Perth metropolitan abalone seasons lasts for four hours spread over four consecutive Sundays and requires a special licence to harvest a strict bag limit of these popular delicacies.

The WA Department of Fisheries is extremely active on land and water to monitor the fishing and strict penalties apply for breaching the rules, including significant fines, confiscation of boats and even jail time.

A fishing licence is required for fishing from a boat and for specific species, including crayfish and abalone. Your fishing licence can be applied for online.