King George Whiting


A tasty white fish with the protein value of meat, but much less fat. 

As a white fish, whiting has similar protein values to meat but comes with much less fat. It’s also high in omega-3. Whiting are plentiful along the southern coast of Western Australia and are highly prized by local fishers. Once filleted and de-boned the flesh is very tasty and versatile and can be cooked almost any way you choose.

Don Hancey’s Cooking Tip
Panko crumbed whiting fillets are juicy and delicious. Lightly fry fillets with a squeeze of fresh lemon, add a sprinkle of salt and serve with a lemon myrtle mayo. 

You can try swordfish in many West Australian restaurants and cafes. The fish is also available for purchase at seafood retailers and local fishmongers.

Swordfish are a warm-water species, moving into more temperate waters for feeding over the Australian summer months. The Western Tuna and Billfish Fishery target swordfish off the Western Australian coast.