Esperance & Hopetoun

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park, Courtesy Tourism WA


Discover Esperance and Hopetoun

Six hours southeast of Perth lays Hopetoun, a small town on the pristine south coast of WA. Boasting secluded beaches that back onto the vast Fitzgerald River National Park, days there are filled with hiking, fishing, swimming, and all things outdoors. If you continue driving for just over an hour, you will reach the town of Esperance. Esperance is sparsely populated, rich in marine life, and features imposing granite structures and sand so fine it squeaks when you walk.

This area of the coast is an angler’s dream, with an array of beach, rock, creek, and deep-sea fishing locations. In the waters around Esperance and Hopetoun, you will find herring, salmon, whiting, flathead, and mulloway. Local restaurants regularly create delicious meals with the freshly-caught seafood, giving you an opportunity to try the local delicacies.

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