Atlantic Salmon


An incredibly popular, healthy and versatile seafood variety

Salmon is becoming increasingly popular as it can be served in a wide variety of ways from a simple barbecue to stir-fry, poached, baked or grilled. Many suppliers have already packaged it in a portion-size pack so all you have to do is cook it. Simple and tasty. Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have a wide range of health benefits. Keep an eye out for Tasmanian salmon and buy Australian. Salmon is excellent lightly poached in salted water with a splash of white wine and lemon wedges. Once cold the salmon can be pulled apart to make an awesome salmon salad nicoise

Don Hancey’s Cooking Tip
Atlantic salmon has to be one of my favourite foods to eat. Its beautiful colour, firm flesh and mild yet clean flavours make it perfect for thinly slicing and dipping in soy sauce. Pan frying and serving it over roasted baby skin on potatoes is delicious. A big tip is not to overcook the salmon as it is best served just undercooked.