Rock Lobster


Western Australia’s famous rock lobster

Rock lobster is arguably the most famous of all seafoods. Western Australia has four different species of lobster, two of which are tropical, but the most popular are the Western rock lobster and the Southern rock lobster which thrive in the cooler and temperate waters. Our lobsters are managed by stringent handling protocols that ensure they arrive at restaurants, seafood stores and markets in peak condition.

Don Hancey’s Cooking Tip
Western rock lobster, like prawns and marron, are best prepared, cooked and eaten in a simple way. You cannot go past a lobster tail split in half, grilled on a BBQ and then drizzled with butter, and perhaps a splash of chardonnay or wiped with a fresh garlic clove. Who doesn’t love a creamy lobster mornay, or a bisque chowder made from the shells? One of the best tips I have given that our seafoods aren’t cheap (nor should they be), is to bulk out the seafood flavours by serving rock lobster with foods like pasta, rice or potatoes. Nasi goreng, paella or seafood fried rice are tasty dishes that can be used in this way.

Crayfish is available at many seafood restaurants, most fish mongers and can also be purchased direct online. Most of the fisheries are based off the coast of Geraldton and in the Abrolhos Islands, making Geraldton and the Coral Coast a go-to destination for crayfish.

About eight species of rock lobster are found in Western Australian waters, but the most abundant by far is the Western rock lobster. They are a temperate species, only found on the continental shelf off the coast, with most living between Perth and Geraldton. More than 100 family fishers work off the coast of Geraldton and throughout the stunning Abrolhos Islands.


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