A wondrous local favourite, found only in Western Australia

Found only in Western Australia, it’s no wonder marron are a local favourite. These yummy crustaceans look a lot like East Coast yabbies but have a larger body and strong meaty nippers. Because they live in cold freshwater, their flesh is clean, fresh and succulent. Taste-test a marron and you’ll see why they are so popular.

Don Hancey’s Cooking Tip
WA marron are best cooked and eaten in the simplest of manner. As a kid growing up in Western Australia’s fertile South West, I enjoyed many marron fishing adventures. I have vivid memories of the times when we would catch marron, boil them and simply peel off the shell, season with salt and white pepper and add them to a sandwich with white bread and plenty of butter. I would suggest cutting a marron in half, lightly cleaning the head and grilling on a barbecue with lashings of butter and a sprinkle of salt and white pepper.

Marron have a very short recreational fishing season each year and are protected at all other times, so make sure you know the rules before fishing. There are a number of marron farms across the South West where you can fish year-round and pay for your catch, with some farms cooking your catch upon request. Recreational marroners can catch smooth marron in the dams and rivers in the south west.

Marron are bred in purpose-built farm ponds and waterways between Geraldton and Esperance, and have an annual production of around 60 tonnes.